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Nurse Seekers is a true breath of fresh air for our clients in today’s “recruitment minefield”. This is mainly because we refuse to charge the exorbitant placement fees that are paid to the majority of recruitment agencies in the Healthcare and Nurse Recruitment sectors.

Another aspect of our business that keeps us refreshing and specialist is that we market our Nursing and Nurse Practitioner jobs directly over the phone, and deal with candidates specific to your industry on a day-to-day basis.

Here is a step-by-step chronological guide to the service and process that we offer at Nurse Seekers:

  • At first contact with you, we will take a full and detailed job description for your vacancy, together with a company profile. This information is then passed onto our copywriting department, who will assess the details provided and write up the professional vacancy copy to reflect all of your key points.
  • Once the vacancy copy and job description is approved, we then market your vacancy using four main methods, including:
  • Electronic advertising media – Over 120 job boards, e-shots, mailshots, social media networking and marketing, text messaging and internet advertising through SEO on our fully interactive Nurse Seekers website.
  • Applicant networking – Utilising our database of existing applicants to either hand-pick candidates for you or seek referrals for people we know would suit your requirements.
  • Search and selection techniques – Employ a search and selection technique in order to source the perfect candidate for you. This technique is especially effective when we speak with local candidates that are not directly on the open job market.
  • Traditional press advertising – When necessary, we advertise our service extensively throughout traditional press mediums. We would utilise local newspaper advertising, regional and free press, within industry trade journals.
  • Once the job has been advertised, potential candidates are then connected with an experienced Nurse Seekers Recruitment Consultant who will market your vacancy in depth with them. There are two reasons why we endeavour to work in this way:
  • The power of the spoken word – Firstly, the spoken word is much more powerful than the written! Through speaking to your potential applicants, we can emphasise the important and interesting aspects of the role even more than we can in our written advertisments.
  • Custom-tailoring your job description – Secondly, we have the ability to tailor your job to each candidate, understanding that what is an important aspect of the role for one candidate may differ from another.
  • Our 24-hour service department will then save you time by only sending through candidates for you review if they fit the exact profile that we have discussed with you, in terms of background, qualifications and experience. We know that the applicants you receive from us at Nurse Seekers will be those that you really want to interview.
  • During your entire recruitment journey with us at Nurse Seekers, your Recruitment  Consultant will be in regular contact with you to advise you on pending response, arranging interviews, chasing application forms, chasing references and in general making the whole process completely stress-free for you as our client.
  • The Nurse Seekers Service has a finite cost, which means that there are never any hidden fees or commissions to pay, regardless of the number of candidates we produce for you that you decide to recruit. That’s right – you can recruit multiple employees for just the one flat fee from us! Our clients find this is great when budgeting for specific recruitment campaigns over a period of time, and can base the whole process on just one fixed campaign charge.

The Right Choice

At Nurse Seekers, we can assist you in making the right choices when it comes to your pool of candidates. With a wealth of expertise and experience in recruiting in this industry, we have an unrivalled skill in matching people with the right vacancies, and we won’t leave you disappointed!

The Nurse Seekers Guarantee

The final touch to our completely comprehensive nurse recruitment service is our absolute confidence in success. This confidence enables us to offer a guarantee, that if you do not recruit through the Nurse Seekers service, we will re-run another recruitment campaign for you completely free of charge. This ensures that there is minimal risk on your part, and you can rest safe in the assurance that we will find a candidate for your role for a cost that is not going to break the bank.

For more information, or to speak to a Nurse Seekers Recruitment Consultant about an upcoming role with your company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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